Advanced Methods of
Activity-based Mobility Modelling

Part of the TA ČR Transport Systems Development Centre, project no.: TE01020155


The Project

The software created as part of TA ČR Transport Systems Development Centre (proj. no. TE0120155) is a collection of tools that make it easier to create activity-based multiagent models of urban population.


Data Processing

The software tools combine and integrate heterogenous data from local and global institutions, related to transport demand and supply, data from travel diary surveys and transport-psychology models of the population and makes it possible to produce a detailed databases containing the sociodemography of the population, temporal and spatial schedules of daily activities and travel routes.


Modeling the Infrastructure

The tool set contains classes and libraries for modeling of transport infrastructure, travel restrictions, points of interest, vehicles, public transport, as well as a collection fo scripts for automatic collection of data from public sources.



The tool set also contains a software for synthesis of collections of agents, representing modeled population, as well as algorithms that can be used to plan their activities and journeys.




Finally, the last part of the set are tools for validation of created models, implementing the VALFRAM Validation Framewosk for Activity-based Models.



Technical Report

To learn all the technical details, please read the extensive Technical Report.

  • The technical report can be downloaded in PDF format here.